Ice Age versus Global Warming

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Shall We Create an Ice Age Renaissance?
 or submit to
 Global Warming Depopulation?

Ice Age facts

Global Warming facts

The Electric Climate

Manmade Global Warming?

The Coming Ice Age

Urgently Needed: An Ice Age Renaissance

The Sublime versus Depopulation


The greatest threat to civilization in the modern world is not found in war, even nuclear war, or in financial looting, economic deprivation, political insanity, fascism, and so forth, because all of these can be prevented. The soon-to-be-recurring Ice Age, however, cannot be prevented, nor can its impact on the global food production potential be prevented. However, we are not helpless. As human beings beings we have the capacity through cultural, scientific, and technological development to create an Ice Age Renaissance by means of which the expected 40% drop in global average temperature (towards freezing) will have no impact on our food supplies and will continue to increase the potential population density of the Earth right through the coming Ice Age, which will be with us for the next 100,000 years.

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The only major threat that could to prevent this Ice Age Renaissance is the Global Warming doctrine and a long list of imperial processes that specifically aim to prevent this renaissance. If the current policy of intention succeeds and the cyclical Ice Age resumes its course without the needed Ice Age Renaissance established to protect mankind, the radical cooling of the coming Ice Age will devastate the world food supply and possibly kill 90% of the human population on our planet. The Global Warming doctrine appears to be intentionally designed to have this effect, because that is the affect it will have if he current course is not aborted. Fortunately, the manmade-global-warming doctrine is a lie. The inconvenient truth for those who promote the lie is the simple fact that a lie remains a lie no matter what is said to the contrary. Thus, by seeing through the smokescreen of the manmade-global-warming lies, human society might yet give itself the needed chance to secure its future.

The greatest barrier, however, that we presently face in implementing the development processes for an the Ice Age Renaissance is mankind's reluctance to regard itself as human beings. An Ice Age Renaissance is totally unachievable for as long as society perceives itself as basically animals, rather than sublime human beings endowed with the capacity to reason, to create, and to empower itself to create a New World.

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