Global Warming

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 



What about global warming? 

Am I crazy talking about an Ice Age when the whole world is afraid of global warming? Well friends, the simple answer is that the Global Warming doctrine is one of the many lies that came out of the western cultural-warfare mill and still keep on gushing forth from it. Man made global warming, as advertised, doesn't exist. It has never existed, and it probably won't be possible with our best efforts for a long time to come if we wanted to create it. 

While it is true that the global greenhouse effect determines our climate, it is also true that ninety-eight-percent of this effect is produced by water vapor. The remaining two-percent of the total greenhouse effect is produced by the rest of the so-called greenhouse gases. The major contributor in this minute category is carbon dioxide, of which the man-made portion amounts to roughly two-percent. This means that if the entire world made an enormous effort to double its burning of oil, gas, coal, and wood, for long periods of time, the resulting effect on the world's climate would still amount to almost nothing compared to the huge effect that water vapor has on the climate. In addition, the water-vapor-effect on the climate is largely influenced by the intensity of cosmic radiation that effects the intensity of cloud formation. Large variances have been measured for these effects over long periods of time.

 In comparison to these large natural variances, the increase in the greenhouse effect that mankind's entire history of burning fossil fuels has contributed amounts to less than one-tens of a percent or three-one-hundredth of a degree Celsius. Without the greenhouse warming the average Earth's temperature would be -18 degrees Celsius instead of +15 degrees, for a 33 degree warming. The manmade portion is 1/1000th of that (0.001%) for a grand total of 3/100th of a degree of warming for the entire history of mankind's effect on the global climate. This amount is minuscule compared to the six degree cooling during the Ice Ages or the three degree variances that have been observed during interglacial period. The Global Warming doctrine falsely (if not fraudulently) attributes these natural variances to manmade effects, especially the global warming that has been occurring since the 1700s as the Earth has been recovering from the last Little Ice Age that began in the 1400s. 

The bottom line is. It's the water vapor that controls the climate, which is in turn determined by whatever effects cloud formation. Huge variances of these natural factors have been observed with dramatic effects on the climate of the earth. They are all caused by processes far away from our planet, resulting in Ice Age cycles, and interglacial warm periods, and Mini Ice Ages overlaying the warm periods, and interglacial optimum periods, seven thousand years ago, during which the Earth was two degrees warmer than today without any human influence causing anything.

According to what we know about the period of the Climatic Optimum of seven thousand years ago, the Sahara dessert was green. It had major rivers running in it, and cities and civilizations flourishing there where hardly no one exists there today. Even during the Medieval Optimum period when the Earth was somewhat cooler then the earlier optimum, we had vineyards growing in Britain and Greenland and Norse navigation across the Atlantic. Since this warm period was our climate before the Little Ice Age began around the 16th Century, and we are still in the process of recovering from it, we will likely get back to the Medieval Optimum level over the next hundred years unless the real Ice Age intervenes sooner. In fact, the cooling process may have already started. The current sunspot cycle is weaker than the previous one. According to the Russian physicists Bashkirtsev and Mashnich of the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk the next cycles will likely be even weaker (between 2021 and 2026). The suggestion has been made that shift to the cold climates has already started.

Measured temperatures in Irkutsk (in the mountains north of Mongolia) the highest surface air temperature reading were recorded in 1997 (+2.3 degree C.), which began to drop to +1,2 degrees in 1998, +0,7 degrees in 1999, and +0.4 degrees in 2000.

The Irkutsk observations support the findings of World Glacier Monitoring group in Zurich, which monitors 625 glaciers. They report that until 1960 up to 95% of the glaciers were in retreat, but since 1980, 55% of the monitored mountain glaciers were advancing again.

It appears that the recovery phase from the last Little Ice Age may be just about over, and that we are heading back into another Little Ice Age, if not the big one. The precise timing of the big one cannot be determined. It might be still 150 years away. All that we can predict with certainty, is that it will pose greater challenges than any event in history, and if preparations are not made to meet these challenges, the Ice Age may lead to the near extinction of mankind as the major food-growing areas become inoperable. The Global Warming doctrine appears to have been designed to assure that this will happen by hiding the coming Ice Age behind the cloak of a myth..




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