Ice Age Renaissance

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 



The Ice Age is coming. Our food supply is in danger. What can we do?

We don't have the means to negate the cosmic rays that trigger cloud formation on earth. Nor do we have the means to effect the cycles of the Sun, which regulate it. The bottom line is, we simply don't have the means to hold back the recurring Ice Age. However, we do have a lot of control over ourselves in how we respond in preparing our world for the coming climate changes. The Ice Age is coming. We can't hold it back. It could begin next year, or in twenty years, on in a hundred years, and the transition could be as quick as a single year, or it may take fifty years. But it's coming. Most likely within the next 150 years. So, how do we respond to that?

 How do we change our world so that our food supply won't be affected when the catastrophic changes in climate begin?

The one thing that we can do is put as much as possible of the current agriculture into controlled indoor facilities. This involves a project on a gigantic scale that dwarves anything that has ever been attempted, that goes beyond even the scope of science fiction dreams. But it can be done, and must be done. Otherwise we may not survive.

Can we do this? Do we have the resources available to carry out such a massive project? Do we have the energy resources? Do we have the building materials?

The answer is yes on all counts. Nuclear fusion power is achievable. We have come a long way already during the few years when research had been pursued in spite of the constant sabotaging by the budget cutters. With a proper crash program in education, funding, and global cooperation, the development of nuclear fusion power is virtually assured. This will all happen. We are in a war-situation right now, or should be, to save our existence. This is the most crucial and the most massive war that mankind will ever be fighting, and if we win, not a single person would die of the five billion people that would otherwise die if we don't win. 

So, what about the building materials that we need? Will we have enough of them? Don't we have shortages already of raw materials? Yes, we have shortages, because we starve ourselves voluntarily on a sea of abundance. Right now we dig metallic ore out of the ground that give us a five-percent yield. We celebrate when the yield goes as high as ten-percent. And even then we have to do a lot of digging to find the ore in the first place. How much would we celebrate if we would find an ore that gives us a hundred-percent yield in usable products? And how much more would we celebrate if we were to find this ore consistently right around the world? Well, that's what we've got! We've got a layer of this ore extending right around the Earth, several thousand kilometers thick. Yes, that's what we've got. The entire mantle of the Earth is a homogenous high-grade ore of orthosilicates of magnesium, nickel, iron, and possibly some other metals as well, with a near hundred-percent purity, covering the planet in a layer that is several thousand kilometers thick. With the availability of infinite energy and high fusion temperatures, these material resources can be developed. This means that it is up to us to get the ball rolling. Our future existence depends on us creating the capacity for this development. This means that since we care about the future of our children and mankind, this work will be done.

So, what have we got when the initial development of that vital capability is completed? We have infinitely available energy resources. We have infinitely available high grade building materials of the most useful types, from magnesium to glass. We've got high temperature plasma technology to disassemble the rocks of the earth into whatever else we need. There is nothing lacking on this planet that we need to build the structures with to save our existence. This means that it is physically possible to shift most of the food production of the world into efficient, self-contained indoor facilities that can be build fifty stories high and thousands of acres in base area. With a bit of extra effort we can get the job done before the next hundred-thousand-year Ice Age begins. Of course, nothing gets done if we don't start.

None of this will be possible, even to start the project, if we don't stop the imperial' depopulation plans, whether they are financially centered, or environmentally centered, or centered on poison viruses or nuclear bombs. We need the combined forces of the whole of mankind to make our survival in an Ice Age possible. We could use ten billion people if we had them, because there is a lot of work to be done in what will have to become the largest education, research, development, and construction project in all of human history. We need far-reaching education and research infrastructures just to develop the fusion technologies. So far, we have only tinkered around a bit, with just a few serious efforts to our credit, and even those projects always had their funding pulled out from under them. Thus, in order to survive, the whole notion of private for-profit financier funding will have to be abandoned in favor of national credits with global cooperation to do the work that needs to be done. And I am confident that all of this will be done, because people want to survive, and they want to see their children and grandchildren survive. People have accomplished far more heroic acts fighting in the world wars in the past, than this little bit of heroism that would be required for the few bold initiatives to succeed that must succeed for us to rebuild our world into an Ice Age Renaissance paradise and to bring the imperials of the world into the project. I am certain, the imperials too, have no interest in descending into the kind of hell that a new Ice Age would bring should the needed Renaissance project fail.

Of course, once nuclear fusion becomes established as a technology, we need to build the electric energy industry up, which is so vastly underdeveloped that it practically doesn't exist. The same must be done for the transportation infrastructures, the mining infrastructures, the materials processing infrastructures, and for all the necessary manufacturing industries, and health care institutions, and massive research institutions for indoor farming.

With a hundred years global crash-program, starting immediately, it appears that it becomes possible for everyone in this auditorium to survive, and their children, and their children's children. Also let's pray that the recurring Ice Age will wait until we are ready, because it will take a hundred years to get this done. The only thing that we cannot afford, is to delay the start of this effort for one extra single day. Knowing us as human beings, we wouldn't simply stop once the project is completed. We wouldn't be satisfied with just finding a way to survive. The ensuing dynamism would uplift our civilization in all respects, beyond anything we can even dream about now. We would create an Ice Age Renaissance with the kind of sensitivity to life and culture as we have never seen before. We would for instance create vast indoor zoos and botanical reserves to perpetuate otherwise endangered species. We would assume that some time, long before the end of the next Ice Age cycle, mankind might yet learn to control the Earth's climate at will and make the Earth Ice Age free for all times to come. This might be achieved no matter what the long-term cycles of the Sun would have in store for us. At this point the zoological and botanical reserves would be utilized to repopulate the restored habitats.




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